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IMG_4932Well, here we are. Smack dab in the middle of the Holidays and saying “Where did those last 2 months go”?

I wanted to share a quick post because of the impact that your work can have regardless of your “Plan” or “intent”. And with the way the Music Industry is changing, what can happen next is anyone’s dart throw!

My “intent” was to release a new Hymn for solo acoustic guitar about every 2 months give or take in 2018. If you’ve been following along, that didn’t quite happen. C’est la vie! “Life goes on”, pick your favorite. That project will roll again (at least that’s the intent) in early 2019.

I routinely check my plays on streaming services to see where I’m getting play, age group, etc. and one day this large amount of streams came in on “According To Thy Gracious Word”, a large enough amount to make me investigate. Come to find out it was all from one country and that this country is primarily a different belief than Christianity. Well hallelujah! No matter if it was a Christian (and hopefully it wasn’t) or not, and whether or not I make enough money to buy my next meal from streaming (insert hearty laughter here!), my work impacted people for the eternal! In the world view, meh, whatever, but in the eternal, the everlasting, a deposit into the bank of goodness came from this project. Amen!

It is good to share the good, and I wanted to share this moment with you. In addition,  thank you! Thank you for continuing to play these Hymns on all platforms, and for purchasing too.

Well, your probably thinking I’ve got to get back to that 50% off deal online so I will close here and say, Pray. Pray unceasingly! That not only will the #HymnsForSoloAcousticGuitar continue on it’s path of blessing but that our work and example in other peoples lives will have an impact.

Blessings –



My 1st Orchestral Piano Composition “The Day You Came Back”


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Release Day! I am excited to announce my 1st composition for piano, strings, and euphonium “The Day You Came Back”. I have included a link to my Newsletter for you to read the story about this release. It is available on all formats including AppleMusic, Spotify, Amazon, and more, links are provided below. This song features the beautiful sound of “The Felt Piano”.

~ Rhon

Thank you for listening and supporting my music and enjoy!






Whack! Uh oh, that’s not good…


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Not the sound you ever want to hear from your guitar!

Video with the Euphonic & String parts to “Like A Child” c. 2018 Rhon Van Erman

Well, it’s been an interesting few weeks to say the least. Man, I was truckin’ along (yes, I’m older) with my BluesGrass, 80’s riff induced version of “Amazing Grace” and on the last day of rehearsing some final changes, it happened. In my enthusiasm of the sound of the Hymn I got up fast from the couch and started to hold my guitar high in an old stage move I did when I was on the road and “Whack”….  time stood still….that was really stupid Rhon….what were you thinking? I had banged the back of my guitar with my knee. “Well dude, you really did it now”, I mentally beat up on myself for what seemed like an eternity and I looked it over and to my surprise didn’t notice any visible signs of damage. Well, that’s a relief. So on I went and recording was tomorrow, so I thought I was good.
The next day I recorded a few takes and got a good one only to hear some distortion right at the end of the track. Hmm, wonder if I just had to much signal? I listened back, pulled down the fader and there it was…the thing I’d craved for all my guitars when I was 12 years old…Distortion!…but, this wasn’t the type of distortion I wanted any part of. It was just plain hideous. Now what?
Some things work themselves out in the long run and the plans we make don’t always turn out the way we wanted. Honestly, as a Christian I know this and need to be humble to it, but as an “A” personality and “let’s get it done” type, I thought I had done something wrong or God was shutting me down. That’s the problem with my way before His way.
So after a bath in frustration I forged on. I had purchased some digital samples back in November of ’17 and had been wanting to get to this sound called the “Soft Piano” or “Felt Piano”. This was my chance! It is the most beautiful piano I’ve played. I got it loaded into the computer and upon the first chord played I was transported into the happy place I haven’t been in quite some time sonically. I played for about 20 seconds and there it was….my next single. It had a childlike sound with a very intimate character, which just happened to tie into a Bible reading I’d had a couple days before when Jesus said ”  Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.” Perfect! And it reaffirmed for me that I must do my best to please my Father in Heaven especially when things don’t go as planned. Yes, easier said than done but this has become my next offering. I would love to hear your stories of “Plan B” and how it shaped your relationship with Him. I will be posting more video and updates until release of this very unique and intimate song. As always, may my words and notes be a blessing to you!


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Euphonic & String Parts to “Like A Child” c. Rhon Van Erman 2018

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“Abide With Me” Now Available!


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Announcing my latest Single for the ongoing project #HymnsForSoloAcousticGuitar is now available! “Abide With Me” is now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music, and all other major music retailers. There are links below to listen, purchase, and share or you can Click this link – Newsletter – for the story behind this release as well as artwork and more. I pray that this release is a blessing to you!




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Release Date 1/29/2018 for “Abide With Me”


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1515590919_tmp_Abide_With_Me_-_Rhon_Van_Erman_Final_Artwork 1-10-18

One week from today my 2nd release for #HymnsForSoloAcousticGuitar will be available worldwide!

The 2nd release is “Abide With Me” and will feature a stark guitar tuning that weaves through an emotional ride of several styles. This Hymn is a standard song that speaks truth and peace to the soul and I am very excited about this version.

I have included the Artwork for this release in this Blog Post so be on the lookout for this picture one week from today.

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Your prayers of blessing for this release are appreciated!


Rhon Van Erman

Hymns Newsletter!


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Hymns For Solo Acoustic Guitar Newsletter I have started a Newsletter for all the creative aspects and details of my recording for Hymns For Solo Acoustic Guitar! I will be posting periodically with videos, artwork, and the details of how I’m writing and arranging these Hymns. You can get this Newsletter send directly to your email inbox at 

Just click the link above for a .pdf version of my latest Newsletter. You can also comment below or send me and email. Hymns For Solo Acoustic Guitar Webpage.

Blessings –

Rhon Van Erman

First Performance of “According To Thy Gracious Word”


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A man, a guitar, and a Hymn. A simple combination that came to fruition with the first sharing of “According To Thy Gracious Word”, a Hymn For Solo Acoustic Guitar.

It was my honor and privilege to play my first release of the ongoing project #HymnsForSoloAcoustic guitar at the Presbyterian Chapel of The Lakes in Angola Indiana. This was the first sharing of the first of these Hymns live and apropros that it should be done at the place that it all started! The Hymn was played in both the morning service and the second service in the old Crooked Lake Schoolhouse where the idea for this project began. It was great to play “Live” again, especially in God’s house!

One of the great things about this day wasn’t that it was 33 degrees and snowing outside, or that the only thing heating the little Chapel/Schoolhouse was a very stoked wood burning fireplace, it was that is was just real. People gathered to hear God’s word and worship and me to share the gift He gave me with just an Acoustic guitar. Simple.

And that is where God has been hitting me lately, in the simple. Thank you Lord! I, and maybe sometimes you, seem to complicate each day by a list of “got to do’s” and “must get done’s” only to find ourselves wound up so tight that we’re missing most of the goodness of each day! I read in my Daily Devotional the other day to “Give thanks when you’re in line and in a hurry and give it to God. Say “thank you God for this time I can turn to you instead of turning into a piece of work because someone is not fitting into what I planned today”!! There was a nice slice of humble pie for me : )

As the old acronym states – K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid. Like, just a Hymn and an Acoustic guitar. Not a chart topper on the Billboard Hot 100 but a place of peace to concentrate on things eternal.

I will be doing just one more sharing of this first Hymn over the Holidays and then releasing the second Hymn “Abide With Me” with more special music dates to come in 2018! If you know of a Church that would like to sponsor me to come play my guitar and share this story please contact me at . In the meantime please share this blog and your playlists on iTunes Music, Spotify, and wherever else you play these Hymns with your family and friends. My hope is not only that this project gives a place of peace from the chaos but also reaches those who need to hear it at just the right time!

Blessings! – (Pictures below) – Hymns Page Link

It’s Live! #AccordingToThyGraciousWord


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Today is Release Day! My first “Hymn For Solo Acoustic Guitar” is available digitally at all major retailers and streaming services. This is a day I’ve been looking very forward to because of one of the great benefits of this release is – Peace from the chaos. 

In a time where we have busied ourselves with whatever we can crunch into 24 hours that seems important at the time, we are losing one of the most important things to our health, well being, and eternity – Quiet Time. 

It it my hope that the Hymn “According To Thy Gracious Word” will make you pause even for 2:40 of your life to reflect, reset, and focus on what’s most important. Even though music is what I do for a living, the power of these great old Hymns has been very moving in their creation. A time of purpose, re-dedication, and taking in what is now.

Let me know how this song blesses you. You can email me at There will be a “Behind The Music” video soon and more releases in the coming months. There are links below to some of the major digital retailers and Spotify. Other companies will be added in the coming days. As always, thanks for listening and supporting my music!



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Yep, that’s a hashtag. A virtual way of following all the releases, videos, photos, and more for the singles I’m about to release digitally. I’ve even started a special page on my website dedicated to this release here – Hymns For Solo Acoustic GuitarSo we’ll call this a virtual CD. There will be new Hymns released about every 60 days or less in an ongoing project that I hope will add peace, clarity, and a fresh listening experience for you! Please bookmark, share on social media, and add these songs to your playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more! And if you’re a bit nostalgic, you can buy each track too! I will be creating a video soon about the story behind this project.

The first Hymn will be “According To Thy Gracious Word”. A hymn that we sing A Capella quite often at Presbyterian Chapel of The Lakes Church. The guitar is tuned differently to give a Celtic drone with the melody being played at the same time. The dynamic starts low and builds to the 3rd verse with an intimate verse 4 that builds to a harmonic peak. It was quite cool to arrange! The release date for this first Hymn is Thursday November, 2nd and will be available on all digital retailers and streaming services.

One of the unique qualities about this adventure is I’m doing it all from start to finish. Like cooking from scratch. The arranging, recording, mastering, artwork, copyrighting, licensing, upload, and PR! (I’m tired already!) Not so I can wave my flag, and not only to keep costs to a minimum (although that’s awesome!), it keeps everything real, like it is in Church when we sing it, or when I sit back in the Lazy-Boy and put in my earbuds to just listen and get two minutes and thirty-nine seconds of peace! This allows me to be even closer to God because I’m laying everything in His hands on these releases. That…is the place I need to be!

I truly hope this music will be a blessing to you and hope that you will write to me and let me know your thoughts. Here’s my email 

As always thanks for reading and listening and blessings to you!

Rhon Van Erman ATTGW Redo 10-12-17 Final 2



Give The Gift Of Music!


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Is it the weather? (This has been one of the best Novembers I can remember). Is it me? Or (fill in the blank)…? I’m not sure, maybe a combination of many things, but I know that Thanksgiving came up on me so fast that I just haven’t been able to get “in the Spirit” or “in the Holiday mood”, and now it’s here! So I thought to myself “I’ll get my Christmas EP – Christmas The Reason and pop it in the CD player”, (don’t laugh, I still like CDs, hey, I even love vinyl!). And there it came. The mood, the Spirit, which is why I recorded it in the first place. The contemplative place I like to be when Christmastime is upon us. Phew, that was close. I was beginning to think I’d grown numb to what should be one of the greatest times of the year. So as I reflect on it’s meaning again, I am thankful this Thanksgiving weekend for the gift of music and how it is transcendent to time, places, people, etc. That is awesome!

As we prepare ourselves for the day we call Christmas I want to encourage you to take some “you” time and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and how it affects you, and how you respond to it. It always puts things into perspective for me because all the hype, parties, and “I want’s” can cloud the truth pretty doggone quick!

So I am thankful this Thanksgiving as a listener and a writer/player. It’s the combination of just the right notes and memories that can give meaning and perspective to a time that means so much.

Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

Rhon –

Visit this link to listen and purchase Christmas – The Reason