Lightning and Love. In the blink of an eye they can happen. Like a song that seems to make it’s entrance right into your day and bam, it’s written. Songwriting is like hanging on to an outer space carnival ride with one arm, see how long you can hold on. I was transcribing a song on guitar for a student with an odd tuning and thought “What if I tune the top two strings down”? Then I played a chord, the kind that makes you make that wierd face that people make fun of, and there it was. Music, lyric line for the hook, well almost. It started out as some form of Lightning Runaway, but that was too odd and a bit sad as I thought through it. Then the metaphor, Lightning. How loves hits you up side the head and you’re in before you knew what happened. That’s it! Tie in a daughter that wants to have someone love her like her Dad, unconditionally. There it is. You often wish you could write a hundred of these in one year but then “the one” wouldn’t be as special. I will be posting more about this song in the coming weeks as I go to the studio to record it. This was a good day!