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Deep, to the core of your soul kind of passion that fuels the fire of your dreams. An embrace that has not yet been felt.
Finding your soulmate. Not the same experience for everyone, and for some can be a road of highs and lows that almost make you lose hope. But it’s still there. A spinning in your soul that looks for that momentous change that is a “Revolution”.
When the music and lyrics to this song came I didn’t have a particular person in mind but I felt it had to be written because someone, even just one person, needed to hear it and know there is hope. This song was written with a tuning on the guitar that matched the intensity of the music which helped the lyric come alive.
Verse 1 –
She had the hope inside, since she was a child
What was in her heart was always sacred
She gave it all away, just to be betrayed
With empty promises that always faded…
Can, she, hold on ’till

Hook –
She will find out, that what lies in her heart is not illusion
She will find out, that what burns deep inside, is a Revolution

The connection of Spirit and body is where all this connects. The journey to find your other half is often not what you would expect. And a lot of the time it ends up being better and different than you could’ve imagined. It’s the time searching that is very difficult. But the searching gets you ready for when it does happen. If this song is for you, enjoy each step and breathe deep, because you only get one at a time.