V.1 –
She wanted him, to be the one
To sweep her away and not be just a dream
‘Cause she can’t hide, that he could be

The Wanted Man, will he be the one
To break the chains, and be the Wanted Man….

Reguardless of gender we’ve all felt this before. The perfect 10, the night in shinning armour, drop dead gorgeous, and the list goes on. Attractions can get tangled up into a storm of emotions that could make a Cat. 5 Hurricane look tame. My song “Wanted Man” was written just about that feeling.
Attractions are odd things sometimes. They can pull on your heart quicker than you can think or slowly creep up on you, the tough thing is dealing with the emotional pull. The back and forth. Are they the right one? Do they feel the same way about me as I do about them? Am I just physically attracted and do they think the same way? Yikes, that Cat. 5 Hurricane is looking more appealing every moment!
This is why there is music. Hey, if it’s three minutes and thirty seconds of peace from the back and forth, I’ll take it. Even if the song doesn’t solve my immediate problem it will sooth it and help me work out my emotions in the end.
So onward you go. Ever waiting, looking, trying and hoping to one day find “The Wanted Man”.