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Verse 1 –
Love at first sight they say, cannot really be
But she took the deepest part of me, and now I can’t break free
Not a waking moment even when I sleep, my heart is full
I think I’m in real deep

So here you are, your life rolling along and all is well with the world when, BAM, a real live person who is your exact split apart comes along. The galaxy stops for a nano second, the tectonic plates shift and the tsunami wave of love just flooded your inner being. Alrighty then, let’s take a ride on this rollercoaster and throw caution to the wind ’cause this train is in motion.
Ever felt like this? Most of us have. And this is not “Box Mentality” here because most of the time what you thought it was going to be, it’s not, it’s better. It’s also not just on a physical look level even though that is a part of it. Most words can’t express your feelings you just know it in your heart. Dreams and reality are two different dimensions just like everyone’s experience with finding “The One”.
The song “She’s Everything I Need” is kind of like an ongoing honeymoon. When you find this in someone they are “it”. When your relationship feels like you can’t remember what it was like before, like it’s always been this way. Everytime you hear their voice, look into their eyes or just the touch of their hand, when you feel this everytime they are it. And this is a constant, always seeming to grow on a deeper level like there is no fill line. This is why the galaxy stopped for a nano second because it’s life changing.
True love transcdends all things and is a bond that conquers all. If you find it don’t look back and if you haven’t remember it can happen in the blink of an eye!

Chorus –
She came along blindsided me, I’m down on my knees, in a love emergency
No antidote for what ails me, she is the cure, I’ve got to make her see
She’s Everything I Need


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