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Words, are they enough? At times one word of encouragement may just be what someone needs, however they often need a partner, action. By itself an action can be misunderstood. But action and words together are the true marriage of communicating thoughts and feelings. One without the other falls short in it’s voice.
“Never Look Back” is my voice of encouragement to those who have served and those continuing to serve our country.
To give one’s life for another seems to silence words and action into a time where we stand still, in the quiet, where we remember or pray for protection of a loved one.
Not one American can say they haven’t been affected in some way by our service men and women. Without them we are unprotected and left vulnerable to any intrusion. Even the freedom to write this blog comes with a price, their sacrifice. The lyrics to Never Look Back have a “Let’s Roll” feel to them. Staring death in the face and pulling every ounce of courage from your soul you can find. I’ve heard many stories of going into battle from my own Dad and can only listen and imagine what it was like. And stories from students who talk of coming home and dealing with the mental aspects of what had happened. Dreams and flashbacks are something they live and deal with daily.
Upon occasion I have gone up to a total stranger in uniform and just said “Thank You”. A small action but it speaks volumes to each one serving.
In my post this time there are lyrics without a video or music to hopefully help all of us stop in the quiet of reading these words to remember, pray for protection, or just give thanks to those who protect our freedom. The music will accentuate the intensity of the lyrics.

Verse 1 –
Sometimes deep in the night, dreams won’t go away
And this demon staring me down, I know one day he’ll pay
Time to stare him face to face..

Chorus –
And to throw down every caution to the wind
Coz’ we’ll go down swingin’ hard, right to the end
And Never Look Back

Verse 2 –
Right now is the time not to give in
And believe in every word that we are sayin’
Fear will wash away

Chorus –
When we throw down every caution to the wind
Coz’ we’ll go down swingin’ hard, right to the end
And Never Look Back….

Rhon –