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Finding your “Angel In Disguise”

Have one? Hope for one? Ever have one touch your life and seem to vanish to never be seen again? Or better yet, ever have one snatch you up from the depths and become your lifetime “Angel In Disguise”?
I have a little saying with myself, {umm, talking to yourself is a sign of genius 😀 } when I drive out of the driveway and put the car in D I say, “Ok Rhon, the race begins” or “Game on”. This sets my head straight so I’m a bit more prepared to change the things I can, accept the things I cannot change, and most important, to know the difference of the two. This is one of the great challenges of life isn’t it? Sometimes I do pretty well and other times I fail miserably.
Since the time I can remember I’ve always wanted a soul mate. This runs very deep into my being, even to the point of my spiritual beliefs and the truths therein. “When the two become one” is a great mystery that is a true miracle and something that most of us look for. Well, there is another plight, “look for”. It is perfectly combined with two other words called balance and timing. Which brings us to the balance of looking for and finding the right person at the right time. Eh, no problem, it just falls into place right? Well, maybe for some, but not for many, and definitely not me.
In all honesty I take full responsibility for wanting to push this before it was time. The want, overcame the ready for it. And you know what, in hind sight, all the tough times got me to where the timing was perfect for my Angel In Disguise to pick me up and make all the tough times fade into the past.
I will be forever indebted to a childhood friend of mine picking up my telephone call one day and after listening to my grumblings about things not working out again, she said “There’s a girl I work with you need to come see”. Well I did, and the rest as they say is History in the making.
I hope this song is inspirational to those who are looking, waiting, and have already found their soul mates. The journey can sometimes not be anything like what you thought it would be, but neither is the outcome, because it’s better than dreams or thoughts. Because it’s real, with a cup that never fills. Here’s to hoping you find your “Angel In Disguise”.

Verse 1 –

I’ve been lied to, I’ve been broken down before
But this time, deep inside, there’s a feelin’ that I know I’ve been waiting for
I can see forever, when I look into her eyes
And see dreams that I’ve dreamed, it’s time for me to wake up and realize
This time, it feels like, she is the Angel I needed

Chorus –

She takes the weight from my heart, so I can breathe again inside
She will be by my side, and be my Angel In Disguise

Verse 2 –

It’s never-ending, what she does to me, feels just like the first time
Like it’s always been and will always be
I can’t fight, what feels right, she is the reason I waited

Chorus –

Bridge –

She must have come, down from heaven….

C.2012 Rhon Van Erman All rights reserved ASCAP