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She’s A Live Wire

Verse 1 –
So many faces, she tries everyday just to make it
To find someone just to be friends, ‘coz in the end
It’s better that way
One year passes, it’s just one that’s closer to havin’
The face to face that she turns from, and it’s why
She’s on the run
Can’t find, anyone around
It all seems to just let here down…

Chorus –
‘Coz she’s a live wire, in a small town
Can’t get away from the vices she’s found
She’s a burnin’ fire, and she can’t cool down
One day she’ll leave it behind, but for now
She’s a live wire.

Ah growing up. Not the same for everyone now is it! Musically, this song is a real departure for me because it has a “New Country” push to it (Ya never know what you’re going to write at 5:00 a.m.) I even threw in some Mandolin for added flavor. However, the lyrical content is a story that is typically not gender specific. Anyone can go through this. The feeling of wanting to share your journey with someone but knowing that it has to wait. It’s a tug and pull that gives you feelings you sometimes don’t know what to do with. Being a young person with hopes and dreams you want right now but they don’t happen and it seems like it will be forever before they do. Then, out of desperation and loneliness, Mr. or Mrs. “Temptation” comes along and talks you into things that you wouldn’t do other wise. When we grow up, we later call this a momentary lack of reasoning, or a visit from Mr./Mrs. “What was I thinking”, and the list goes on. This list of doing things you will probably regret later is also very long but will sometimes include a vice of some kind. A momentary “take me away from this feeling so I can cope” type of vice. They never work. In the end it’s just time to stand, suck it up and move on. And isn’t that what a lot of lessons in life are like. In the heat of the moment, knowing what you seem to want right now isn’t happening, may never happen, but it’s just time to take in what you do have and be thankful. Nope, not an easy lesson, and when it comes down to it, this lesson is not age specific either because feelings transcend age. The hope is that we get better at making these decisions as we get older.
This song went down on paper in just a few minutes, and usually when that happens for me I believe that it was written for a specific reason or person. Even if it’s just for one person to stop in their tracks and assess their life and say “Wait a minute” before they make a decision that could regret, then the song has done what it was written for. If this is you and you’re reading this, stand, hold on to your dreams. You will make it!

Verse 2 –
She dreams of the day when, a love comes crashin’ just like lightning
A man that will take her away, she can’t stay, in this town no more
It’s predestined, her heart lies somewhere else that’s waitin’
She felt it since she was a child, now it’s time, for her heart to fly
Can’t find anyone in this town, it all seems to just let her down…. Chorus.

This will be the second ballad on the Revolution CD. You can get personal updates on the release of this song and the others at rockin@rhonvanerman.com