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Chorus –
Take this chance, and give until you can’t
Breathe in, this moment just might be
As close as you will get
This Side Of Heaven.

Should I, or shouldn’t I? I mean, this is life changing. What should I do?
Man, do we struggle with this or what? C’mon, you have to admit, you get these chances in life where you have an opportunity. It always seems to be weighted with heavy consequences too, which coincides with the seriousness of your decision. And then there’s the time factor. Not much of that around now is there? No pressure right?
“This Side Of Heaven” deals with the emotions, elation and anxieties that can happen before, during, and after your choice of a lifetime. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath, put your head down and go!

Verse 1 –

Desperation sits alone, in a room without a view
And hesitation sits alone, but is gone before you knew
Time just to let go, and fear will just fly..

I believe we’ve been given a deposit in our soul, The Spirit, The Helper. Without it the paddle wouldn’t even come close to helping me, because I’d be so far up the creek I would need a Cruise Ship just to get back! However, the Spirit is not a Foreman or hard handed, whip crackin’ Spiritual boss. It gives me inward reasoning and the freedom to make the final choice. A true blessing, then we mix in those afore-mentioned emotions. The human side of things. Ah, this is when it gets good. That’s when verse two comes in for me.

Verse 2 –

Patience, patience, over me
Not the first, won’t be the last
Time to leave anxiety I will, leave it in the past
Got to fight it, deep inside and
Let this moment be..

So here we are on the edge of our seat, hoping that we did the right thing when the realization sets in. I’ve done my best, and there it is, now I wait.
Which brings me to Heaven. Someday I look forward to that statement. The place we hope for that has no anxiety, desperation, hesitation, or any of the negatives that can cloud the depth of life. True peace that we will one day realize. In this life though we take our best shot, hoping that the end result will be to the good.
I wrote this song as an inspiration for the times when you and I need to take the risk that is presented to us. Seize the moment and listen to your inward Spirit, because that’s how it is, “This Side Of Heaven”.