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So often the focus is “The Road Not Traveled”. Take the risk, it could be just the path you needed and on and on… But what about the road you travel everyday, are you seeing all that there is, or wondering, perhaps wishing, that you were on another road?
Well, It’s Sunday, the day of rest and reflection. But the last four months I haven’t been home on this day, but on the road to record the “Revolution CD, and I’m almost there…
As I’m doing some of the final approvals this week for the “Revolution” CD I decided to look through the pictures I had taken on my way to the recording studio. This indeed has been a journey recording this project, however I’ve never been able to document the process so well, especially with something that fits in my pocket! I can take pics, video, update social media and even blog from my iPhone. To me that is amazing, and I don’t want to ever lose that “wow” factor of anything that is amazing in this life. Some of the cool things that intrigued me was watching the seasons change, the inspiring sunrises, and even the beauty of a plain ole corn field in the middle of central Indiana. That saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” really makes sense when you can see beauty in a corn field. Life is a sit down dinner, not a drive-thru! As my walk in this life continues I have learned to always look for the blessing, even when it’s not so evident. When I was looking through the attached photos they told the story, the journey, the commitment of making these songs come to life. The various times that give a glimpse into the moments that were fleeting, never to be seen again in the same way. Then came the “A-ha” moment. Just like the pictures caught in a moment in time, so were the songs. Like getting out of bed at 5:00 a.m. to write the lyrics to “When The Lightning Crashes In” when I would’ve rather stayed in bed. Getting an idea for a guitar riff in the shower and scrambling to find my recorder. If you don’t get the idea then, it won’t come back the same way, if ever again. Hugging my family goodbye on a Sunday afternoon and praying that God would protect my travels, and that I would return to hug them again, all, moments of the journey that are on the “The Road Most Traveled”. This sit down Sunday was encouraging to me and I hope it is to you as well. Wishing, hoping, dreaming are all good things but should not be overshadowed by living each day and moment on the road we’ve been given. It may just be your dream in disguise.









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