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Hmm, quite a title eh? The only vacuum that sucks and does a great job is my sweeper. It does a great job of making the carpet look and feel so nice and I like that. However there is another vacuum that can suck the life right out of you, being or thinking you are an island. I will refer to the saying “No man is an island”. When I was a kid I had no idea what my teacher was talking about but as I started to work with others in sports, rock & roll bands, etc, it all became very clear, even the greatest of my talents need the inclusion of others to really make them shine. The other saying that has gotten a lot of shout lately is “There is no I in the word Team”. Yea, there may be some great things someone can accomplish on their own but they really miss out on the entire experience of life when they don’t involve others and will never achieve their best potential. Besides, sharing the victory with others is a richer experience compared to patting yourself on the back. That makes your arm hurt just reaching around to try it anyway!
I am dedicating this blogpost to all those that have helped me with the pre and post production of the Revolution CD. For most of you that read this these people are total strangers, and at one time, some of these people were total strangers to me as well. And there you go, the vacuum. If I didn’t talk with others, ask questions, involve myself with them to be the best I could be, I never would have met some of these vibrant people. So I’ll just settle for the only vacuum I need, and that’s the one that sucks dirt, not the breath of life I receive from others.
I’ve also included in this post a picture of The Telly Award that was given for my video “The making of She’s Everything I Need”. This was produced by Cabin14films and recorded at Studio D. Always good to be recognized for your work! Now I give
my deepest gratitude and thanks to –

My Father in Heaven, my Wife & Son, my parents, Lynn Graber at the Recording House, Andy Symons (formerly at The Lodge Recording Studio), Darrell Powell at Studio D, Jared Powell & Garrett Matney at Cabin14films, Randy Melson (Bass), Dane Clark(Drums), I miss playing with you guys more often but it’s great being able to pick up where we leave off, Phil Maxwell (Back Round Vocals), the wonderful people at Disc Makers and CD Baby & Greg Chupp. I would also like to thank my Wife for the perfectly packed cooler with my lunch and treats to sustain me for my drive to the studio and the hugs from you and our son that got me there and back! And you, my fans, you give fuel to the fire on this journey. When I complete a song one of the things I can’t wait to do is share it with you. I am blessed and grateful 🙂

Rhon –