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The “Revolution CD was released Tuesday, March 5th, 2013. This was an amazing day that I will not forget! Watching iTunes, CD Baby, YouTube and all the other places that this recording was going live around the world was awesome. I will continue to say that when we lose the amazement of what is afforded to us, we’ve lost gratitude of the blessings that surround us.
I am grateful that this medium of expression called a Music Blog, has given me a more detailed way to share with you how a song starts and continues to grow as time moves on. This body will one day breathe it’s last, but the songs created will live on. These are the things we pass on to our children, how we reacted to life, and what it all meant. Yeah, maybe that’s deep, but without connecting on this level with your family, friends and fans, life is just going through the motions. So, thank you for sharing in this ride with me. Remember the definition that is used for revolution is – “A sudden, radical, or complete change”, and my hope is you experience one of these in your life to make everyday count!

– Rhon