Something you don’t hear very often, unless you’re Blake Shelton and the like. I am very fortunate to live a in small Northeastern Indiana community that has a local TV station, The 101 Lakes Network. Trent Lewis is the owner/operator. The station features our area with all it’s goings-on, special events, and more importantly, it’s people. It is a blessing to have this station and see the different aspects of the many people that make up our little slice of life. The attached video was done for the release of my CD, Revolution. It’s in two parts and goes into the detail of the release of the CD and also features my guitar shop where I’m able to give back to aspiring musicians. I am thankful to Trent and all the people that make up this great place we call the land of 101 lakes. Live where you live, and use what you’ve been given, your life will be at it’s fullest!