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Rhon Van Erman & Darrell Powell

Rhon Van Erman & Darrell Powell

Telly Award #2! –

The call, the email, or whatever form it comes, the sound on the other end of the line telling you of the recognition of your peers always sends a jolt of excitement through your being. The gift God gave me I chase with a passion that would be pleasing to Him and to all that it may touch. The icing is when others in your craft note your work and reward you for it.
In the provided picture I am holding Telly Award #2 for one of the videos from this blog for the recording of the Revolution CD. Pictured along with me is Darrell Powell, owner of Studio D in the sleepy town of Summitville Indiana. It’s not the place you live but how you live in the place you are.
This is a great honor, and I would like to recognize some of those who have helped with the making of these videos.

Jared Powell – Cabin14films
Garrett Matney – Cabin14films
Darrell Powell – Studio D
Dane Clark – Drums
Randy Melson – Bass
Phil Maxwell – Back round vocals

These are just a few of the people who were involved not only in the video but the recording of the Revolution CD, thank you all for your expertise!
Onward and upward! This day I have and I will seize, the best of what is given me.