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As the saying goes “It’s all in the timing”. I would have to agree with that most of the time. So I’ve always struggled with prepping, arranging, and being in the mood to record Christmas songs in the middle of August. For whatever reason this year it fell into place. And not only has it been a blast to record, but, the Spirit in these songs has been moving.
First of all this will be an EP (Extended Play) release. Longer than a single but shorter than a CD. There are five songs in which I played all the parts of this all instrumental work. Some Jazz with “What Child Is This”, “Away In A Manger” for solo piano, and “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” with the vibe of driving down a city street on a snowy night. “Silent Night” has a dreamy tone as that reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d sleep by the Christmas tree until Mom woke me up. One departure from the reflective mood of the EP is “Hark The Herald Angels Sing”, which started out acoustic and slowly manifested into a rocker. The main focus in this recording is to give the melodies and arrangements the opportunity to create a time to reflect on the reason of Christmas, where-in the title of the EP came about. Personally, one of the things I enjoy during Christmas is sitting by the tree late at night when it’s quiet and reflecting on the blessings of this miraculous event. To look up at the sky in the cold of Winter and know there is a divinity of this creation that gives me peace on a silent night. A reason I feel at rest in a place that is bigger than my mind can imagine.
My hope is when you listen to these songs you will take some time to reflect. Your blessings, your journey, and the mark you make on those around you.
This EP is scheduled for release around Thanksgiving. You can subscribe to this blog with your email address, or email me at rockin@rhonvanerman.com to keep up on all the details. And for events and daily goings on you can follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RhonVanErmanFanPage and Twitter https://twitter.com/RhonVanErman
As of this writing (11-8-13), the picture below is a copy of the artwork for the cover. I will be posting more about the EP the closer we get to release. Thanks for reading and for supporting my music. Time to get back to it, the Christmas clock has started!

Rhon –