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It’s worldwide! An amazing occurrence any time I release a CD is with just a few taps or clicks and someone can buy my music anywhere on the planet, that’s amazing. When we start to take for granted, or lose the awe factor, we’ve become something I’m not interested in being, complacent and ungrateful.
Being worldwide gives extra meaning to me for this release because of The Reason. My hope is while listening to these tracks you will be doing many things. Cooking Holiday meals, driving to family get together’s, falling asleep in the chair by the tree, but most of all, that you will have some quite time to contemplate the reason for this celebration. If I am led to shout my conviction on a street corner I would do it, however I have been blessed with the gift of music as my vessel of communication. I pray that this recording blesses you and lifts you up to know the reason for this time and that it’s meaning is eternal in your life. In addition to this hope is my gratitude for knowing people like you who support my music and read this blog to give us a chance to share thoughts on this journey. My hope is that we will continue on, into many more years of celebrating the gifts that are amazing. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!