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Hard to believe I can use the song “She Cries Love” for a Throw Back Thursday feature but this song has been in release for 18 years next month, which I think puts it into the aforementioned category as well as makes me not feel 20 anymore!

This song was released in November of 1996 and is from my first CD that is self-titled. This was back in the ages when we were using what is called ADAT, a tape based digital format for recording, that was “cutting edge” for it’s time and the CD was still in it’s infancy. My, my, how far we’ve come in such a short time! As far as the throw back goes, back then there were only huge, rest on your shoulder types of video cameras. Or at least, a hand held 8 mm cam that was a bit awkward to negotiate. So for this #TBT I’m using the CD cover pic as a static image and letting the song play in the back round of the video to give it that “older” vibe, and besides, I just didn’t have the gear or budget it would’ve taken 18 years ago to make a video like the award winning “Revolution” video done in 2013. The cool thing with new technologies is that I will be able to upload all the songs to YouTube from this CD so you can listen to the songs in their entirety! If you have a YouTube account please add them to your playlist. And if you haven’t purchased them, all the songs are available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and at http://www.rhonvanerman.com

“She Cries Love” was written in third person about falling in love and doing everything you can to make it happen, keep it happening, and not getting your heart broken along the way. The focus is a from a woman’s perspective, but as we well know, it takes two to tango and make it work. So this song can relate to either gender. My main writing influence for this song musically is the band Journey. Their sound is something I naturally gravitate to.

Sit back on your Thursday and watch, listen, and reminisce. And if you have this CD (record), or saw me perform it live, leave me a comment and share your memory!

– Rhon