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Risks, you take them everyday. No risk, no reward. Some small, some take a lot of give. Those who give, get.

There comes a point in the heat of the moment that you have to take a chance. Deciding on a relationship, a dream to chase, a job change. Not a blind leap, but a leap of faith. When you don’t know the outcome and you wish you had a sign. But sometimes breathless, you have to choose. This could be it. Because, “this moment just might be, as close as you will get, this side of heaven.”

These are lyrics and thoughts taken from the writing of the song “This Side Of Heaven” from the Revolution CD. I hope that this song will be an inspiration to “live” your days and not wait until it’s too late. And in addition, to be able to say if it didn’t work out that you gave your all and have no regrets!

The lyrics to the entire song can be read from my website here – Lyrics to “This Side Of Heaven”

Thanks for reading. Blessings