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“She stole my heart, not long ago.

Now it’s time for her to play the thief again”. (Verse 1)

Ah the Honeymoon. When all is right with the world and the only cares we have are for each other. Sleep in, then sleep some more. Eat, drink, be merry, and be happy to be married. If only this could last forever. Right?

Well, this is the first day of the Honeymoon. Sometimes the second day brings some odd characters to the mix. Expectations being one character. The hope that day two will be just a great as day one, or, better yet, exceed day one! There are other characters in this story you probably know all too well if you’ve been married for longer than two days. Whether we want to admit it or not, we can be a bit selfish with our better half. And that is what you call them, right?

Capture me again is written about getting back the Honeymoon and keeping it. Yep, it’s possible, but we have to keep it alive. Remembering that love, just is. It’s not a job with a clock in card. And when life caves in around us, there is a place we can go that makes it all go away, your better half’s arms.

There is a play on words with the lyrics to this song that uses stealing, incarceration and such, in a good way… read the lyrics at this link – http://www.rhonvanerman.com/Capture_Me_Again_Lyrics.pdf

Remember when all you could think about was how soon it would be until you saw them? That’s it. Keep it alive!

– Rhon