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It’s easy to go through life as a Musician/Songwriter and hear a soundtrack playing in the background of your head 24/7. So it’s good when you are running through your day you have all planned out like an “A” personality should be and something catches the corner of your eye when you’re in the heat of the daily battle. Something as small as a rock! A rock, really? Well, when it’s a Petosky stone there’s more to it than just a “rock”.

The last week or so has been a bit tough. It’s possibly the same for you as you’re reading this. It can be anything in life that just kind of pushes you back on your rear end and says “Take that”! We all have to deal with it but it’s always tough when you’re in the moment and sometimes hope seems illusive. Like the wind has been taken out of your sails. Enter “the rock”.

“Petosky”! Even the word said in an exuberant manner takes me immediately to the beaches of The Sleeping Bear Dunes in Michigan. A teleportation of sorts, of the many years that my family has combed the beaches “Up North” for the beautifully coveted Petosky stone. It’s really kind of a game to see who can find the first, and the most, and put them in a bag for later inspection. It has become a ritual, albeit simple. But therein lies the beauty of the memory of saved moments with the ones you love.

This was Election Day 2014 and it was busy, but it was especially memorable because of the simple little rock that we stuck in our rock garden a while back that you can’t really see until water or rain hits it. And then, it comes to the forefront with it’s vibrant beauty. Yep, I needed to be reminded of the simple, the beautiful. No matter what life gives you it will always remain. The memories with those you love are like this little rock. And yes, a little rain may visit you at any given time, but it can make visible the memories saved in your soul that get you through the winds of struggle that can calm your sails.


– Rhon