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It’s here! A month of celebration and reflection upon one of the greatest events to happen in History. The tree, decorations, Church, family parties, shopping, going and going and…..numb….”I’ll be glad when this is over so I can”….

Ugh! What happened? Would an Angel walking in your downtown singing “Hark The Herald Angels Sing” put it all back into perspective? Would the general public even notice, or think “That’s one of those weird people who say Merry Christmas”.

I embarked upon the recording of a Christmas CD in 2013 in a bit of a scurry. However, once I got started, doing an all instrumental album (yes I still call them that) allowed the Spirit of the songs to come forward and let my soul breathe a bit. To ponder on “The Reason” for the celebration.

This is the first of five blog posts that will feature a video/song from the Christmas The Reason CD.  My main objective was to create a work of songs that would impart contemplation. One of the cool things with the type of video I’ve created, is that you can read this while listening. So you can push play on the video and scroll down and read. This will be an “inside the music” perspective of why I decided on these particular songs and what they mean to family, friends, fans, and myself.  What is my reaction and participation to this event? One of my favorite times to listen to this CD is late at night when everyone is asleep, close my eyes, and let the tension of the world calm down. Something we all can use a bit of.

I also hope that you will leave comments not only about the music, but your thoughts and experiences from this most wonderful time of the year. I have played thousands of songs and “gigs” in my life but the greatest and most fulfilling notes are the ones I offer to the One who gives the notes. Please share this with your friends, family, and others, so we may be better connected in this gift we call music.

Merry Christmas!

– Rhon  (email me at rockin@rhonvanerman.com)