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Ah, the Christmas list. A mostly long inventory of things wanted that will make our life so much easier and better, or just plain fun! Things. Stuff. The good stuff. The quality things that will last a lifetime. Some gifts are so well made they will outlast us! And there it is. A gift that will outlast me. A dichotomy of man made vs. Spirit borne. A gift in wrapping paper or wrapped in swaddling clothes. Presented under a beautifully decorated tree or presented in a barn on a bed of hay. As December 25th approaches, how will December 26th feel? And the list, did it fulfill it’s intended purpose?

Ponder. I use that word a lot. It’s good to partake in a bit of it daily. I believe we are so busy that a quite moment of each day is missing on that aforementioned list. And sometimes when we steal that moment, buda-link…., your phone goes off and draws your attention away from where it needs to be. Like now, you’re reading this and it’s making you do it. Ponder, evaluate, take stock. Always good to check your compass on a regular basis.

The featured song in this blog is from the CD Christmas The Reason, and is “What Child Is This” (Don’t forget to click the play button on the video while you read). The instrumental version was recorded to give you some “think” time. One thing that has always struck me is where Jesus was born. Nope, not the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Bethlehem, but a barn, laying in hay. Humbling for me to ponder.

These are the deep things to think on, but I am also very thankful for a wonderful Dad and Mom that have given me great memories of Christmas.

Photo Dec 14, 10 03 00 PM                                                                      Childlike memories, that will always be with me. Like when I started recording this song and having the visions of watching Charlie Brown with Dad and Mom and listening to Schroeder play his jazz versions of Christmas music. Yep, that’s a Jesus moment too. When your parents love you enough to be home and sit through a kids show because it’s just plain good family time!

I hope this blog and the instrumental music of The Reason is impacting our lives not only to “smell the coffee” but to enjoy it one drink at a time. To have balance between the busy and the quiet.

This is post 3 of 5 in this series. Thank you for your comments and please keep them coming. Music is the vessel to connect our thoughts. Merry Christmas!

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