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Silence. How do you define that word? Complete absence of sound is one definition. Believe it or not, I look forward to that time. Probably because I hear, play, or listen to music most of the day. Not that I’m sick of it, I just need to, as some would say, chill from it for awhile. To let my mind’s ear be uncluttered. To mentally breathe.

To prevent from speaking is another definition that is a bit more interesting and challenging. I love this, and yes I will, ponder, on this idea for a moment.

Let’s get down to the meat here. Okay, hypothetically, I’ve died. All the premonitions of what I thought it would be like just came in the blink of an eye, and if all I said I believed is now real, I’m giving an account of my life before the very God of creation. Hmm, will I be able to speak? What words can I say in defense of wrongs or promotion of good deeds? What does one say to the Creator of the universe? My inner Spirit tells me I won’t be able to say a blasted thing because I will be in total and utter awe! Silent!

One of the greatest things I love about the song Silent Night is the depth and brevity that it brings to mind. A “Holy Night”, unlike any other that the world has ever known. I can’t imagine what Christmas Eve was like in real time as it happened. Our advanced culture is so far removed from being out in a dessert gazing upon a divinely created, beaming star, that I think you’d have to literally have a camel look someone in the eye and say “That star is amazing, don’t you think”? Shock factor, like only a talking camel could do. May I never be that far removed that I have to be spoken to by a camel!

This song is one of my favorites from the CD, Christmas The Reason. I love to play it for several reasons, but, the dreamy guitar part at the beginning and end of the song takes me to that “happy place” that Darrell my Engineer is always trying to get me to go to when I’m recording. It’s a bit transcendent for me, and I hope a happy place for you as well. One of the best times for me to listen to this song is late by the Christmas tree or if I can’t fall asleep and I’m staring at 2:00 a.m. on my phone. (This happens quite often and is not my happy place!)

If there is one night for all of us to find a bit of silence I hope it is Christmas Eve. Not in expectation of material gifts, but in anticipation of an eternal gift. A kind of suspense of what it was like the night before, and what would happen the days after.

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I have one more post in this series and will it will be published on Christmas Eve. Music is a great language to communicate, but, this blog gives me the chance to let you in on the inside of not only the music but the meaning. That is very cool to me. So please email me or comment below and please share this with your friends, family, and others. Blessings and Merry Christmas!

– Rhon