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As far back as I can think, I remember singing the song “Away In A Manger” during Christmastime. As a small kid, it seemed to be very easy to remember the words and music, unlike some other songs with words that I couldn’t pronounce let alone understand their meaning (Omnipresent? Don’t think I’ve ever received one of those!). It also seemed to get an “Awe” from the listeners (especially the parents of the singers) and plenty of applause from the congregation after the kids from my Sunday School class sang so wonderfully out of tune. And even the day after you’d find yourself singing this melody at various times throughout the day. As a songwriter that’s quite the feat to hit that many people with one simple melody.

Upon the first thoughts of what music to put together for Christmas The Reason, I sat down at the piano, albeit a patch on my synthesizer, and the first thing that came out was that infamous kids song. God works in mysterious ways! What was I thinking? A kids song to go on my CD? Well, like my Dad always says “Why not”! As I began to play the simple melody line the Adult side of me started to play some very moving and sometimes tensive chords. A culmination of my inner child and the older version thereof all wrapped up in one. This made the song come to life for me because of the calming affect of the melody and the tension of what this baby would someday face. Contrast, a cuddly baby that would someday die for my sins. And there it, was my first song for the CD that would actually be the last in the order of the tracks. When the last chord of this track is played, it makes me feel like Jesus’ words “It is finished”, making the whole story complete.


The picture above is also a great vision of contrast. A humble bed for the newborn Savior and a crown of thorns in which He would someday wear. There is beauty in the simple.

This is the final blog for the “inside the music” look at the CD Christmas The Reason. I am eternally thankful for the privilege of creating music on all sides of this walk we call being a human. I never know what is going to come out but that is the beauty of it all. Thank you for interacting with me along the way and I wish you not only a Merry Christmas but a one to one relationship with this Savior that changed everything for all time.


Rhon –