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Ah the day of love, chocolate, romantic dinners, cards, flowers…. Valentine’s Day. For the naysayers it’s a mushy, made up by Hallmark Card Company, self induced choco-coma, waste of time, Holiday. For the true romantic, it is a day other than a anniversary to kindle the fire that started we you first met your better half. What I call “Keeping The Honeymoon”. So if you hate mushy, sappy, love stories please click away now (you could read on and be inspired). If you are the romantic type, here we go.

I have an acronym I’ve used since I was a teen. It was probably brought on by my prideful teenage years, but is very apropos. S.I.T. (Self-Induced-Trauma). To sit, reflect, learn something, and be better because of it. The self induced trauma I’ve gotten a bit better about. And I’ve actually gotten to the point of enjoying time to “sit” and ponder on the past, learn from it, and make my future a little better.

As far back as I can remember, a wee lad most likely, I’ve always thought that being married would one of the greatest things ever. To find that person to share your life with that would be your friend, lover, etc., My confidant through all of life’s up and downs. Ya, count me in! I’ll graduate and we’re off to happiness. I’m ready! Or so I thought.

You’d think that being in my 20’s I wouldn’t be using the aforementioned acronym quite as frequently. Ya, you’d think. Well, this is where wanting something before you’re ready comes into play. Man that’s hard to admit no matter how old you are. Especially when it’s something you’ve been wanting since you were a kid! But, it’s that little voice that goes off in your head and says, “Yep, this is it”, that you’re either listening to or not. It took me until I was 29 years old to finally hear that “Yep, this is it” from the voice that had been telling me from ages 20 to 29, “Um, I’m sorry, this is not it”, but I went in head first anyway. Ugh, more self induced trauma.

I have to give credit to one of the most influential phone calls I made to an old school friend. I remember her saying “There’s a girl up here you really need to meet”. And so I made the trip, made a date, and less than a year later was married. Holy arrows to the heart! I even let go of this possible relationship to try and clean some recent S.I.T. only to have that voice say “Yep, this is it”, with the addition of “Are you out of your mind?, call her now”! I’ll never forget that day either. I knew in my soul she was “it” when the emotion was so deep it brought me to tears. No more S.I.T. I cleared my mind of the past, listened to the voice, and in just a few months I was married.

I truly hope that you have found “The One” for you. I call my wife my “Angel In Disguise”. She came along not in my time, but at just the right time. A true gift of God himself. I will spend the rest of my days in gratitude doing my best to try and come somewhere close to making her as happy as she has made me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Rhon