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IMG_4932Well, here we are. Smack dab in the middle of the Holidays and saying “Where did those last 2 months go”?

I wanted to share a quick post because of the impact that your work can have regardless of your “Plan” or “intent”. And with the way the Music Industry is changing, what can happen next is anyone’s dart throw!

My “intent” was to release a new Hymn for solo acoustic guitar about every 2 months give or take in 2018. If you’ve been following along, that didn’t quite happen. C’est la vie! “Life goes on”, pick your favorite. That project will roll again (at least that’s the intent) in early 2019.

I routinely check my plays on streaming services to see where I’m getting play, age group, etc. and one day this large amount of streams came in on “According To Thy Gracious Word”, a large enough amount to make me investigate. Come to find out it was all from one country and that this country is primarily a different belief than Christianity. Well hallelujah! No matter if it was a Christian (and hopefully it wasn’t) or not, and whether or not I make enough money to buy my next meal from streaming (insert hearty laughter here!), my work impacted people for the eternal! In the world view, meh, whatever, but in the eternal, the everlasting, a deposit into the bank of goodness came from this project. Amen!

It is good to share the good, and I wanted to share this moment with you. In addition,  thank you! Thank you for continuing to play these Hymns on all platforms, and for purchasing too.

Well, your probably thinking I’ve got to get back to that 50% off deal online so I will close here and say, Pray. Pray unceasingly! That not only will the #HymnsForSoloAcousticGuitar continue on it’s path of blessing but that our work and example in other peoples lives will have an impact.

Blessings –