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Is it the weather? (This has been one of the best Novembers I can remember). Is it me? Or (fill in the blank)…? I’m not sure, maybe a combination of many things, but I know that Thanksgiving came up on me so fast that I just haven’t been able to get “in the Spirit” or “in the Holiday mood”, and now it’s here! So I thought to myself “I’ll get my Christmas EP – Christmas The Reason and pop it in the CD player”, (don’t laugh, I still like CDs, hey, I even love vinyl!). And there it came. The mood, the Spirit, which is why I recorded it in the first place. The contemplative place I like to be when Christmastime is upon us. Phew, that was close. I was beginning to think I’d grown numb to what should be one of the greatest times of the year. So as I reflect on it’s meaning again, I am thankful this Thanksgiving weekend for the gift of music and how it is transcendent to time, places, people, etc. That is awesome!

As we prepare ourselves for the day we call Christmas I want to encourage you to take some “you” time and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and how it affects you, and how you respond to it. It always puts things into perspective for me because all the hype, parties, and “I want’s” can cloud the truth pretty doggone quick!

So I am thankful this Thanksgiving as a listener and a writer/player. It’s the combination of just the right notes and memories that can give meaning and perspective to a time that means so much.

Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas!

Rhon –

Visit this link to listen and purchase Christmas – The Reason