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A man, a guitar, and a Hymn. A simple combination that came to fruition with the first sharing of “According To Thy Gracious Word”, a Hymn For Solo Acoustic Guitar.

It was my honor and privilege to play my first release of the ongoing project #HymnsForSoloAcoustic guitar at the Presbyterian Chapel of The Lakes in Angola Indiana. This was the first sharing of the first of these Hymns live and apropros that it should be done at the place that it all started! The Hymn was played in both the morning service and the second service in the old Crooked Lake Schoolhouse where the idea for this project began. It was great to play “Live” again, especially in God’s house!

One of the great things about this day wasn’t that it was 33 degrees and snowing outside, or that the only thing heating the little Chapel/Schoolhouse was a very stoked wood burning fireplace, it was that is was just real. People gathered to hear God’s word and worship and me to share the gift He gave me with just an Acoustic guitar. Simple.

And that is where God has been hitting me lately, in the simple. Thank you Lord! I, and maybe sometimes you, seem to complicate each day by a list of “got to do’s” and “must get done’s” only to find ourselves wound up so tight that we’re missing most of the goodness of each day! I read in my Daily Devotional the other day to “Give thanks when you’re in line and in a hurry and give it to God. Say “thank you God for this time I can turn to you instead of turning into a piece of work because someone is not fitting into what I planned today”!! There was a nice slice of humble pie for me : )

As the old acronym states – K.I.S.S. = Keep It Simple Stupid. Like, just a Hymn and an Acoustic guitar. Not a chart topper on the Billboard Hot 100 but a place of peace to concentrate on things eternal.

I will be doing just one more sharing of this first Hymn over the Holidays and then releasing the second Hymn “Abide With Me” with more special music dates to come in 2018! If you know of a Church that would like to sponsor me to come play my guitar and share this story please contact me at rockin@rhonvanerman.com . In the meantime please share this blog and your playlists on iTunes Music, Spotify, and wherever else you play these Hymns with your family and friends. My hope is not only that this project gives a place of peace from the chaos but also reaches those who need to hear it at just the right time!

Blessings! – (Pictures below)

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